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Out of a desire to (i) learn a functionalStructure and Interpretation of Computer Programs programming language, and (ii) generally become a better programmer, I’ve decided to work my way through Abelson and Sussman’s Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. It’s a bit of a beast, but I’ve read a chunk of it already and its style appears to me. I’ve also been intending to learn a dialect of Lisp for a while, and this seems like a good opportunity.

This is the book which forms the core of the borderline-legendary MIT course 6.001, which provides as good an introduction to the foundations of computer programming as is available anywhere in the world. It will be difficult, but rigorous.

The idea is that I’ll read every word, and do all of the programming exercises. As I finish eash section, I’ll post what I’ve learnt here, together with the source code I used to solve the exercises, and anything else I think will be useful.

I fully expect it to take me a long time (fitting it in around a day job will be tricky) but I’m feeling confident. If anyone has read it (or even better, is reading it at the moment) I’d love to hear from you.


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