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Quick post to mention some of the more useful Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts in Google Chrome, to make your browsing simpler, faster and more effective. More as a reminder to myself than anything else, because I keep reading these, swearing that I will remember them, and then not doing it. Many of these come down to making Chrome behave more like a decent text editor, à la emacs or vim.

Tabs and windows

+T opens a new tab

+W closes the current tab

+shift+T opens the last tab you closed (Chrome remembers the last ten tabs you had open)

+alt+left and +alt+right move left and right along your open tabs

+H hides Chrome


+L jumps to the address bar

+alt+F jumps to the address bar and prefixes a ‘?’ so that whatever text you enter will be interpreted as a Google search (on Windows you can do this by pressing ⌘-K — I wonder why it’s more complicated on a Mac?)

⌘+D bookmarks the current page

Webpage shortcuts

⌘+ and ⌘- change the zoom level of the page; use ⌘+0 (zero) to return to default zoom

⌘+F find text within the current page

⌘+E use the current highlight to find text within the page

Text editing

alt+left and alt+right move the cursor left and right by words

+left and +right move the cursor to the beginning or end of the line

Hold down shift to highlight the characters that the cursor passes through.


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